​Professionally Cannabis Podcast Interviews "Melissa Jochim, Founder & CEO, High Beauty"

​Professionally Cannabis Podcast Interviews "Melissa Jochim, Founder & CEO, High Beauty"


We hope you enjoy listening to episode #19 of the Professionally Cannabis podcast, titled Melissa Jochim, Founder & CEO at High Beauty as much as we enjoyed the interview!

"In a wide ranging chat, Melissa takes us through her professional journey with High Beauty, starting as the next venture in her - already by then - illustrious career, discussing: how they differentiate themselves as a brand; what other CPGs can do to create brand loyalty; and how to position your product so leading department stores like Sephora and Macy's are keen to take stock!"

"Professionally Cannabis is the show for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Connoisseurs of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Each week your intrepid and handsome hosts Oscar Hausman and Jonny Wiser will bring you exclusive interviews with industry leaders to bring their personal perspective on this high growth multi-billion dollar economy driving, medically life-changing plant."



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