We swear by this combo for Kissable Lips

We swear by this combo for Kissable Lips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it just so happens to be the middle of winter. The high team is coming to save the day with our tried and true combo for achieving smooth, hydrated lips all year round.

Start by exfoliating your lips. Take a small amount of our high maintenance CANNABIS PEELING MASK and gently massage your lips with a circular motion for several minutes to remove dull skin. Rinse thoroughly with a cloth for a smooth finish. (Note that you should not use this if your lips have broken skin.)

Next, dispense a ½ pump of high eye-Q CANNABIS EYE GEL between your fingers (you can even use what’s left over after applying this to your eyes), then apply with light tapping motions to your top and bottom lips, and around the edges.

Organic aloe juice, sodium hyaluronate & cucumber hydrate, while rice bran protein smooths, bioflavonoids grape seed, cranberry & broccoli seed reduce inflammation & antioxidant Vitamin C protects.

Finally, warm 1 drop of high expectations CANNABIS FACIAL OIL between your fingers and tap onto your top and bottom lips for intensive repair and replenishment that absorbs instantly.

That’s it! We recommend this once or twice each week when your lips aren’t feeling their best, and feel free to use both high eye-Q and high expectations on your lips daily for upkeep. This is especially helpful for when you’re getting ready for date-night, or in preparation for wearing your favorite lipstick. Let us know what you think @highskincare!


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