if i were a grape

if i were a grape

February 29, 2020

If I were a grape, I’d be Pinot Noir.

Take a sip and it’s bright, flavorful and smooth, it welcomes you in like a best friend’s hug. A few sips more and you’re warm and smiling, savoring each moment more than the last. There’s more to the story than those first sips let on though – a wine this complex doesn’t just happen overnight.

Pinot Noir grows best in soil rich with minerals, the climate must be cool (but not cold) with the right balance of sunshine and fog protection overnight. The grapes grow in tight clusters for protection too, because the slightest change in weather or growing conditions can threaten the integrity of the fruit. Vines are tended carefully all year long until the fruit is juicy and ripe, when it is harvested at its peak. The grapes are crushed, barrelled and aged for months before being blended into the perfection you taste.

Pinot Noir itself is a reward for persistence, struggle, passion, patience – and don’t forget the dedication, artistry and expertise of the people who helped it along its way. My life has followed a similar progression, the rewards of which are culminating in this very moment in time with high.

high is my ‘blend of perfection’ so to speak, the one I have been perfecting for years and years. In fact, every moment of my life has led up to this point. I have always worked incredibly hard for what I want. As a sixteen year old girl I moved out of the house to get a job. I studied Chemistry, became an esthetician, and became a formulator under the mentorship the experts who pioneered clean beauty. I have always visualized goals and have worked even harder to make them a reality. This expertise I have today has been shaped by decades of formulating through which I have continued to learn and grow along the way. I am protective of my accomplishments, yet eager to share the fruits of my labor and creative vision. Inspiration is everywhere, and I owe much of high’s success to my creativity and social, bubbly personality. high is the result of my lifelong passion for skincare and clean beauty, it’s what I have chosen to dedicate my life to, and I hope you love it as much as I do.