How to set high intentions for the new year 2022

How to set high intentions for the new year 2022

Is it just us, or does the thought of setting new year’s resolutions for 2022 feel kinda…wrong?

Hear us out – we all went into 2020 with high hopes for an amazing year and for accomplishing new year’s resolutions like getting more organized, cutting out sugar, traveling more, etc. What we got from 2020 though, was completely unexpected (we know you don’t need a play by play). So we asked ourselves - looking back on the past year, what were the moments from 2020 and from 2021 that really mattered? And how did they change us?

When you think about it, it's hard to ignore the few silver linings that the past few years have had. Many of us spent more time checking in with family and friends, exploring new hobbies, expanding our minds, getting creative, FINALLY getting some rest, and most importantly, getting to know ourselves better. Really, 2020 and 2021 taught us the importance of being intentional with what and who we put our precious time, money and energy towards. That’s why this year we’re choosing to forgo making new year’s resolutions and instead, we’re setting high intentions for 2022. 

While resolutions are goals focused primarily on an outcome, intentions focus on both the outcome and the journey to that outcome, encouraging us to be more present. Here are our tips for setting high intentions for 2022 and becoming the highest version of yourself:

List the things that make you feel high on life

Take some time to reflect on the past few years. Ask yourself what brings you joy? What brings you bliss? What fuels you, inspires you, and gives you a sense of purpose or fulfillment? Write down everything from the people and things, to activities that come to mind.

Visualize your highest self

At the end of 2022, what will your life ideally look and feel like? Imagine you are that person already, and on a piece of paper, write down in detail your perfect day from start to finish.

Set intentional goals

Pulling from your lists above, create some intentional goals that will help you live out that perfect day you described in detail as the highest version of yourself.

Create a mantra

It’s time to incorporate these intentions into a statement that can serve as a daily reminder and motivator! You can write it out each morning when you wake up, or perhaps repeat it to yourself any time your day starts to feel stressful.


Now that you’ve set your high intentions for 2022 – the real work (and fun) begins! It’s easy to start off a new year with tons of motivation, and quickly lose sight of our goals once life gets in the way. This is where the real beauty of your high intentions statement for 2022 comes in. It’s something that should help you feel inspired and motivated each day. Make sure to remember that each day is a new chance to live life as that highest version of yourself you imagined while also working towards your goals. Cheers to a year full of high on life moments and becoming the highest versions of ourselves!

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