Why Hempseed Oil?

For a long time, the hemp plant has been out of bounds for scientists to study the benefits and applications it has to offer. With recent changes in legality and attitude, we’ve been able to start researching the plant and learn a lot of what it has to offer. As it turns out, the oil in the seed of the plant is incredibly nutrient dense.

As we've been able to examine the plant, more and more studies are emerging that show the phenomenal benefits of using hempseed oil on the skin. It's these proven benefits that attracted us to hempseed oil for a skincare brand.

the formula

High is much more than hempseed oil. High is expertly formulated to deliver hempseed oil in combination with certified organic plant oils, high-potency antioxidants & pure plant essential oils for healthy, beautiful skin.

skin graphic

Delivering ingredients to the right place

A big part of the formulation of high products is to ensure the right ingredients make it to the right layer of your skin. The full potency of hempseed oil is realized by combining it with other potent plant oils of different molecular sizes for absorption into many layers of the skin.

Evidence-based Results

no fads or hype. just real results based on sound science.