how to update your skincare routine for summer

how to update your skincare routine for summer

It’s that time again! The days get longer, the weather gets warmer. We have BBQ’s, bonfires and a lot of fun in the sun! But did you know that your skin changes with the seasons too? With all of the fun you’re having, it is easy for your skincare routine to fall to the wayside…so on behalf of your skin, I am here to give you a few gentle reminders!

One of the most noticeable changes you may experience with the warmer weather is an increase in oil and maybe a few extra breakouts. This is due to the increase in temperature, more outdoor activities, and a less-than-stellar diet, (can anyone say, “margarita time”?). If you live in a hot, dry climate and already experience dry skin, your skin may even develop dry patches. Not to worry – the following summer skincare tips will keep your complexion looking and feeling as bright as the sun!

Hydration and Antioxidants are Key

Drink water!

I cannot stress this enough. Water is one of the main building blocks of health. Not only does water aide in digestion, circulation and absorption, but studies show that drinking water will combat dryness and flakiness in dehydrated skin. Strive to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. This really isn’t as hard as you think. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, switch to sparkling, or try adding some citrus, mint, cucumber or berries for some flavor and added antioxidants!

Not only does water help your skin internally, but it can have added benefits if applied directly to the skin. This is why many professionals will tell you to apply your moisturizer to damp skin. Not only will applying high five CANNABIS FACIAL MOISTURIZER to damp skin lock in water, it also contains an amazing ingredient called sodium hyaluronate. Sodium Hyaluronate is a substance found in various connective tissues within our bodies, and it has the unique capacity for retaining water – up to 10,000 times its weight in water!. So whether you cleanse your face at the sink or mist your skin beforehand, remember to apply high five to damp skin to lock in all that good hydration!

Load up on antioxidants!

When it comes to skincare, a good rule of thumb is to prevent and calm inflammation whenever possible. Why? Inflammation can lead to skin redness, acne breakouts and even the breakdown of collagen in your skin. Inflammation is often caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can cause cell damage and cell death. And guess what? Environmental pollution, poor nutrition and exposure to UV rays are some of the biggest culprits. That’s why one of the simplest things you can do is stay away from processed foods. Just remember that processed = inflammation. Because no-one can be perfect all the time, here’s where the antioxidants come in.

Antioxidants reduce inflammation and neutralize damaging free radicals, which allows your skin to repair itself and helps prevent future damage too. They do this both inside your body, and when you apply them topically. By applying an antioxidant-rich daily moisturizer like our high five CANNABIS FACIAL MOISTURIZER, your skin is getting a healthy dose of protective antioxidants. You can add to that by increasing your intake of antioxidant-rich foods too!

Here are some tasty suggestions to include in your summertime diet:

  • Blueberries – perhaps one of the most antioxidant-rich superfoods on the planet.
  • Oranges – contain Vitamin C which help in the production of collagen – you know, the protein that keeps our skin looking firm!
  • Watermelon – not only does this sweet, summertime favorite contain 92% water, it also contains lycopene. Lycopene is an important antioxidant that protects skin from sun damage, by eliminating free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • Avocados – not only does this fruit, (yup, it’s a fruit), add delicious, creamy, healthy fat to our diet, they are rich in Vitamins A and E which help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Green Tea – this beverage contains antioxidants and Vitamin B3 to help your skin cells stay healthy. Green tea also contains caffeine, so on the next hot, summer day instead of your usual cup of coffee, try it iced with a little sprig of fresh mint. Not only is it refreshing, you will make your skin happy!

Sun Protection…No Matter What

When you are out and about this summer, do not forget your sunscreen!

Although a pink nose and a sprinkling of freckles across your cheeks are signs of summer, the UV rays wreak havoc on your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are the least of your worries from too much sun because it’s accumulative and will continue to advance as you age. Unfortunately, certain types of skin cancers will show up years later, so why chance it!?

If you are going to be out in the sun, even for a short period of time, you should always wear a minimum of SPF 30. Contrary to popular belief, your makeup does not contain enough SPF to protect your skin throughout the day. So, make sure you are giving yourself that added protection, and re-applying it as directed. If you’re not sure which order to apply your products in, here’s what I recommend:

  • cleanser
  • eye gel
  • facial oil
  • facial moisturizer
  • sunscreen (on your face, neck and chest!)
  • makeup

Which kind do I choose?

Whether you choose a physical sunblock or chemical sunscreen is entirely up to your personal preference. Both are great choices, as long as you use one daily! Here are the basic differences:

  • Physical sunblock (think zinc, titanium dioxide) sits on top of your skin, shielding your skin from UV rays like an umbrella.
    • Great if you’re looking immediate results
    • Usually tolerated well by sensitive skin
  • Chemical sunscreen absorbs UV rays, reducing how much UV radiation penetrates your skin.
    • Just remember to apply it at least 30 minutes before sun exposure.
    • May irritate sensitive skin
    • Some say that chemical sunscreens may cause health issues but, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, this has not been 100% substantiated, as of now. Studies continue on this topic.
    • Some states like Hawaii have band certain chemical sunscreens do to the harm they cause to coral reefs

The most important thing to look for when shopping for sun protection is a “broad-spectrum” formulation – which means it will protect from both UVA and UVB rays. I also recommend choosing a product that has the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation if you can. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your hat!!

Cleanse, Hydrate and Protect Every Night

Never go to bed without doing your nightly skincare routine!

Picture this. You’ve had a great day, enjoying the sun and friends and now you find yourself home, feeling sleepy, contemplating going to bed without following your nightly skincare routine. I have one word for you, DON’T!

For healthy, balanced skin you absolutely need to cleanse your face EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. Skipping this crucial step will allow sunscreen, oil and dirt to clog your pores so that bacteria that causes blemishes can thrive. Because you’ll be wearing sunscreen more often (you will…. right!?) you may need to incorporate a double cleanse to really get your skin clean. Then you will want to follow up with products that are going to add hydration and nutrients back into your skin.

  1. high priority CANNABIS CLEANSING FOAM - a rich, velvety foam full of great ingredients like Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil and aloe juice leaving your skin cleansed and hydrated.
  2. high expectations CANNABIS FACIAL OIL - 32% Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, bioflavonoids and terpenes to provide intensive repair and replenishment.
  3. high eye-Q CANNABIS EYE GEL - Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, it also has cucumber, green tea and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate, depuff and cool your delicate eye area. 

Now you may be thinking that I forgot to mention exfoliation. Exfoliation is a very important step your skin care routine, especially during the warmer months. A lot of you may experience oilier skin and breakouts from the extra perspiration, dirt and oil accumulating on your face. Make sure to exfoliate at least once per week with high maintenance CANNABIS PEELING MASK. This peeling mask is formulated with three types exfoliants for a serious glow – physical, enzymatic and chemical. Plus, cannabis sativa seed oil, pure plant essential oils and high-potency antioxidants to help purify and smooth your skin.

And just in case you get a Sunburn…

Here’s what to do…

Ok, so you forgot your SPF and you have some red, inflamed, painful skin. What do should you do?

  • First, don’t rub or exfoliate it. Gently remove your make up and impurities with plenty of cool water and our high priority CANNABIS CLEANSING FOAM. Then PAT, don’t rub, your skin with a soft clean towel.
  • Next apply a few drops of our high expectations CANNABIS FACIAL OIL to the sunburned areas. The Cannabis sativa seed oil and pure plant essential oils will help calm the inflammation, hydrate your tight, sunburned skin, and repair damage.
  • If you’re really feeling the burn, try applying some of our high five CANNABIS FACIAL MOISTURIZER after placing it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Its aloe juice base, along with sodium hyaluronate and potent antioxidants, will help calm inflammation and hydrate your skin even more!

There you have it! My top recommendations for adjusting your skin care routine this summer will not only help your skin look its best, they’ll help keep your skin truly healthy for years to come. Now bring on summer!

For personalized skincare advice and High product recommendations book your complimentary face-to-face skincare consultation with me here.

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