Learn more about the science behind the High Beauty formula

Why Cannabis Sativa
Seed Oil?

For a long time, the Cannabis sativa plant has been out of bounds for scientists to study the benefits and applications it has to offer. With recent changes in legality and attitude, we’ve been able to start researching the plant and learn a lot of what it has to offer. As it turns out, the oil in the seed of the plant is incredibly nutrient dense.

As we've been able to examine the plant, more and more studies are emerging that show the phenomenal benefits of using cannabis sativa seed oil on the skin. It's these proven benefits that attracted us to cannabis sativa seed oil for a skincare brand.

  • unbelievably nutrient dense
  • all 20 amino acids
  • highest percentage of essential fatty acids

the formula

High is much more than Cannabis sativa seed oil. High is expertly formulated to deliver Cannabis sativa seed oil in combination with certified organic plant oils, high-potency antioxidants & pure plant essential oils for healthy, beautiful skin.

No, not cbd or thc

this isn't a marijuana product

When most people hear cannabis they think of the psychoactive plant that contains THC that come to popularize the plant. Or maybe they've recently learned of CBD which is a form of cannabis extract from the leaves or stems that produces anti-anxiety or anti-inflammatory effects.

Cannabis sativa seed oil is neither of those. It's made by cold pressing Cannabis sativa seeds that are free of THC and CBD. What is extracted is vitamins, minerals, and polyunsaturated fatty acids that absolutely essential for skin care.

why not cbd though?

It's really pretty simple, while CBD has lots of practical applications for well being, high skincare is created to help you reach your skin's highest potential.

We aren’t afraid of a stigma or believe using CBD is taboo. It just simply is not the most potent part of the plant for skincare. We’re not here to chase a fad or ride a bandwagon. We’re here because there is a part of the cannabis sativa plant that is truly revolutionary for skin care.

Cannabis sativa seeds

Evidence-based Results

no fads or hype. just real results based on sound science.

But high isn't just a cannabis product

we've combined it with other all-natural ingredients that give your skin what it needs. we call this BioCanna™.

science annabinoids


neutralizes inflammatory response


science bioflavonoids


antioxidant protection


science terpenoids


balancing adaptogenic function

skin graphic

Delivering ingredients to the right place

A big part of the formulation of high products is to insure the right ingredients make it to the right layer of your skin. The full potency of Cannabis sativa seed oil is realized by combining it with other potent plant oils of different molecular sizes for absorption into many layers of the skin.

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What's Inside

certified organic ingredients

We choose the organic option to create the most pure and clean ingredients for all of our formulations.

naturally farmed & sourced ingredients

We strive to source all of our raw ingredients from natural farms and extraction processes.

vegan & cruelty free standards

All of our ingredients are plant based and our suppliers do not test on animals nor do we test our products on animals.


Our lab is solar powered, our cartons meet forest stewardship standards, we use plant based inks and all of our components are recyclable.

what's not in there

Our products are 100% legal and free of THC and CBD.

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pesticide-free icon


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gmos & gluten free

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