These are the ingredients that are NEVER in high

These are the ingredients that are NEVER in high

Every single ingredient in high is there to serve a purpose: to help you realize your skin’s highest potential. Clean, safe, vegan and cruelty-free products are a no-brainer for high’s founder and formulator Melissa Jochim. In fact, her focus during the past 30 years of her career has been formulating natural and organic beauty products – over 4,000 to be exact! That’s why, when you pick up a bottle of high you can rest assured that the none of the following ingredients are inside:

  • Parabens & Harsh Preservatives

  • Petrochemicals, Pesticides, BPA & Phthalates

  • Sulfates, GMOs & Gluten


  • Propylene & Butylene Glycols

  • Silicones

  • Artificial Fragrances, Synthetic Colors & Dyes

All ingredients used for high’s formulas are handpicked by Melissa herself, after she vets each one using third-party lab tests. This allows high to ensure that our ingredients are pure and safe, and that they were also created according to our standards listed above.

Additionally, all high products are free from THC & CBD. While these two are the most well-known Cannabis ingredients today, Melissa chooses not to include THC and CBD in high’s formulas because her formulas are focused on skincare from the basal layer up to the surface of the skin, and not on internal wellbeing.

Still have questions? You can find out more about  high’s commitment herehigh’s formulas here, answers to frequently asked questions here or even DM us on Instagram here!


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