Why should cleansing your skin be your highest priority?

Why should cleansing your skin be your highest priority?

When I was small, I would watch my Mom wash her face every day. Back then, it seemed like a waste of time and I would run the other way whenever she would tell me to go wash my face! Funny that so many years later I would become an esthetician and finally understand the importance of this daily ritual. Now I’m the one that’s explaining to you the many reasons why you shouldn’t just run and hide from washing your face every single day - you should look forward to it!

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you have probably heard me mention the fact that our skin is our largest organ and that it has many layers. Each day, the skin on our faces comes into contact with dirt, oil, perspiration and pollutants that can cause stress and inflammation in our skin. The same goes for the skin on the rest of our bodies. You don’t just forget to take a shower or a bath every day…so why would you want to skip washing your face every day? We should really be applying this same mentality to taking care of the skin on our face.

Still not convinced yet? Here are some things you may experience if you’re not cleansing your face at the end of every day:

    • Clogged & Enlarged Pores - The oil produced in your skin (also known as sebum) travels up the hair follicle in the pore, to the surface of your skin. If you do not take the time to properly and regularly cleanse your face, your pores will become clogged with oil, dirt, and debris which will stretch and enlarge the pores. Once this happens, bacteria will start to grow in your pores and before you know it, acne will appear on your face.
    • Redness, Inflammation & Flakiness - Oxygen is very important to skin health. Keeping skin clean and exfoliated will allow oxygen to enter into the follicles in your skin, which will continually kill and prevent bacteria. The bacteria that causes acne – P.acnes is anaerobic which means it cannot live in the presence of oxygen. Outside of preventing acne causing bacteria, oxygen is also instrumental in health and maintenance of cells. Without oxygen your face will become red and inflamed, it will appear aged and flaky. By cleansing your skin and allowing oxygen to reach your pores you can help prevent inflammation, dryness and irritation.
    • Your Serums & Moisturizers Won’t Work - You might as well throw out your serums and moisturizers if you’re not cleansing your skin. That’s right, I said it! If you are not washing your face properly, and on a regular basis, then you might as well save your money. By not cleansing your face, you are basically building a “wall” of dirt, oil and make up on the outer most layer of your skin. This wall will prevent any products – no matter how amazing or expensive they may be, from penetrating the skin’s layers where the ingredients can actually work their magic.
    • In short, it’s in all of our best interests to make cleansing your skin your highest priority - preferably twice per day. If you can only commit to cleansing your skin once per day, make sure it’s in the evening before bed. This will allow you to remove the pollutants, oils and makeup from the day, and will also allow your nighttime products, like our high expectations CANNABIS FACIAL OIL the ability to penetrate the skin and deliver results. Remember to use a cleanser that will balance and hydrate – not one that strips your skin of its protective layer.

      Here’s how I recommend getting a good cleanse:

      Apply high priority CANNABIS CLEANSING FOAM to a damp face and cleanse for at least one minute, making sure to concentrate on the T-zone, nose, and chin. If you have been wearing heavier make-up, give your face a second cleanse to remove any left behind cosmetics. A cleanser like high priority CANNABIS CLEANSING FOAM, has a base of aloe juice which has hydrating and healing properties, as well as Cannabis sativa seed oil, bioflavonoids and terpenes. This luxurious, silky foam will remove make-up and impurities and leave skin hydrated and refreshed.

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